Who is your current (or timeless) fashion inspiration?
Hands down Kate Bosworth. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous and her natural beauty is unreal but her style is also so on point. Whether she's daring and fashion forward or just her casual everyday self, it's always effortless and well, perfect.

 Your favourite summer go-to outfit:
(Pictured in photographs)
It sounds so plain and boring but jean (anything) and a tee! (There's usually a morning dilemma between shorts or boyfriend jeans) For this shoot I amped it up a little with this printed blouse but my summer looks are definitely very simple. I added my Winnipeg Jets hat because I should ALWAYS wear one, my poor forehead pays the price every summer. Oh, and always a good pair of shades, loving the new PANDA's we have in store this season!

Do you have any summer traditions?
Too many...All my long weekends are booked for the rest of my life since my friends and I have created too many annual traditions! July long in particular you'll see me tubing down Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, I'm the one with the really awesome sunburn.
If you could have it all, your summer splurge would be...booking a trip to Montreal for a long overdue visit with friends and family then hopping on a flight down to LA to visit more family! (and to hit up Disney obviously..)

How would you describe your style for this season?
Off duty I'm very tomboy, baggy tees and boyfriend jeans/shorts. When I'm at work it's a balance between my tomboy self and a touch of girly by pairing my slouchy outfit with heels or my accessories. (Carrying a great bag always adds a touch of sophistication and femininity in my opinion)

What are the essentials in your hand/beach bag?
-IPhone (always)
-SPF 60 (chronic burner over here)
-This AMAZING new studded tote from MAD! 
I'm in love, it will be put to good use this summer...
What are your current fashion cravings for this season?
Ray bans, I think I'm the only one left in existence who doesn't own a pair. A great pair of white skinnies and I'm also on the hunt for the perfect watch! 

What is your favourite summer drink? 
Water at all times! Nothing ever quenches my thirst like water, have been like that my whole life. Besides the obvious, unsweetened iced coffee from Starbucks (religiously) and come the weekend you'll find me indulging in a spicy caesar or a gin and tonic.

Do you love any particular activities come summertime?
Oh gosh how does one narrow it down...patios, beach volleyball, beer darts, road trips, the cabin and pontoon/boat lounging....I think that about covers it.
-MAD Team