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summer long weekend!
(see you in september)
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MAD fall campaign
 Boy we are excited to be sharing some great news with you! As we've mentioned, we are always planning, planning and planning for things to come for MAD as we are continually bursting with ideas! As of recent, we confirmed our location for our fall 2012 video/photo shoot campaign which will be shot at Resto Gare in the heart of our city's French heritage neighbourhood! 
Perfect location for our vision of old glamour and sophistication on this shoot.
We left our meeting with Linda, the owner, so thrilled on the amazing outcome we know this campaign will have! On this project we are also working with Camren Friesen of Nice! Productions  (who also did our spring show at Lacoste Garden Centre) and Curtis Moore of Moore Photography to both bring us amazing photos and video footage! We can not WAIT to get styling for this project with all the amazing pieces of our fall collection!

AND at the same time we are preparing for our fall launch party next week Friday Sept 7th at 7pm-10pm! Nevertheless, we have A LOT to do and we are having a blast working together late, unpacking and prepping stock and doing some minor construction to the store! We will continue to do posts of all the happenings of our prep for this busy season to keep you all in the loop, so stay tuned for more! 

-MAD Team


ATTN: Fall Launch 
All this talk about fall and finally we are able to confirm that we will be having our fall launch party Friday September 7th from 7pm-10pm at the MAD boutique. Come enjoy good food and drinks with the MAD Team while we help you shop our AMAZING fall collection!! and to also get first dibs on sizing! 
Can't wait to see you all there!

-MAD Team


Although for the most part, fall will be those dark traditional tones but do expect splashes of colour! We see soft pinks, jewel purples and blues, maybe even a little metallic in there if you're feeling crazy! 
Experimenting with fashion is a lot of fun and what a better way to start with the most exciting season, fall! Try a colour on that you never have before, will it be a mustard yellow? maybe teal? Whats the worst thing that can happen..you actually loving it?! Ask the MAD Team for all you're styling questions this fall, we would be glad to help you! 


100% chance of black

Theres something about dressing in all black for fall mixed in with black leathers. The added exception of a pinch of neutral colours if head-to-toe black is too strong for your taste. 
Classic yet edgy, we love the look of it!
Below are some great street style looks that have us thinking even MORE about fall and how to style.

via caroline's mode, angelica blick & cottds


put some pep on it
Current for fall, peplum is a major hit for silhouettes everywhere and a must have for all style lovers. No surprise here that we are obsessed with this trend, we can't wait to get our hands on some pep once product gets in store! 
Whats not to love? This cut is flattering to everyone by its clean lines directing down to our natural waists accentuating our curves and finally subtly or dramatically flaring out.
You can find peplum in a top, skirt or dress or you can create this shape by cinching an oversized top with a belt. 
MAD will have some great options for fall so keep posted! 

Celeb Style:

Runway Style:

Our Fav Street Style: 


LA concluded

Well now that Nicola has finished her buy the next exciting thing now is to anxiously wait for the fall fashions to arrive and prepare for the big fall launch! We are in the process of planning all our fall events and projects, which are all very exciting in themselves so stay tuned!

Here are the final pictures from Nicola's last day on the buy! She is continuing to impress us with her keen eye for style by adding even more incredible pieces to MAD's fall collection! 
 "Let the madness ensue" 


back to school 
never looked so chic*
(and fun)



Hard not to notice this particular choice of wardrobe by fellow fashion bloggers. While remaining fashionably forward and innovative, is a bra becoming a statement appropriately worth bearing?
Most likely left to the pros, we do not think this is a look for the everyday folk, even us, but will admit very interesting...

Probably a spin off from the outlandish outfits worn by today's celeb performers, should this be left to the gals like Katy Perry? 

What do you think of their look?

via angelica blick & cottds