july instagram diaries 

Many apologies as there has been a slight absence on our behalf via blogging. There has been many happenings via business and personal as of late! In a nutshell we have been updating and clearing inventory, 
(if you havn't heard yet...SALE!) preparing for fall with trend forecasting and researching..the lists never end! but that's life. and we love it.
 On a personal note, there has been cabin and out of province get-aways, weddings and new apartments all making this summer as great as it has been! Only a few weekends of summer left before we hit September and all our schedules business and personal are jam packed! 

Here's where we were the past month through instagram! 
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 late night bon fires
 salads for lunch @ MAD
 finding old notes from old friends
 ring made from the end of a spoon
 camping with best friends
 triple fisting Starbucks
 jen's pup Cody
 never ending Starbucks runs
 new yellow toes
 Nicola and Michelle toasting to the online launch at Pizzeria Gusto
 another day, another morning at Breakfast Television
 spotting amazing trends for less! @spring
MAD pedicures for the ladies at Tiber River
preparing for Breakfast Television night before
 MAD outfits
 MAD staff purchases
 new prints
 waiting for public transpo 
shooting new Towne & Reese jewels 
 our official MAD mascot, "H" (henry)
 catching up with old friends @ design den homes
 cold caesars on hot days
 cari and nicola after morning BT
at a bridal dress fitting with custom ordered jewellery from MAD
 trying on new fall items
 group shot after BT segment 
 new studded fall loafers 
 BBQ with all MAD outfits, old and new, not planned!
 quilted IPAD cases available in store
 BBQ attire #ootd
 getting inspired by fall trend colours 
 ANNA dropping off their new issue with our ad inside! accompanied by complementary homemade marmalade:) 

 enjoying a Nesspresso brew at work 
 a cute outfit of one of MAD's customers stopping by to shop styled with our wewood watch!
 arm party
 visit at yoga denim showroom in Montreal
 outings around Montreal
 where else...Holts in Montreal!
and dreaming of large planters for mad
 on route to montreal via train
 Snapshots from around Ottawa while there for a Wedding 
 new arm party addition from Kate Spade stacked with our bfrend flora 
 outfits at MAD
 new Towne & Reese earrings 
 new assorted long necklaces 
 dogs and peanut butter :) 
 fashion showdown on Breakfast Television
 home sense adventures
new achievements, new chapters