Completing your summer looks, what is your go-to accessory?
My absolute favourite accessory is my Chanel oversized sunglasses! I can't leave the house without them. They were an investment but i know they'll last a lifetime! 

What are your current fashion cravings for your summer wardrobe?
Boyfriend jeans, mint tote bag and more dresses!

Who is your current fashion inspiration?
This is a really tough question for me as i have so many and I more so look to them for business inspiration. But if i had to narrow it down I would pick two very inspirational women, Chanel and Tory Burch. They are both extremely inspiring business women who endured it all and have come out on top. I love what their brands represent, I love the clothing they have created for women and the strength they had/have in this industry.

Your perfect summer day would look like...
Taking off to the lake with my hubby and friends and boating all day. Skiing, tubing, cliff jumping and soaking up the sun!
What is your summer go-to outfit?
(Pictured in photographs)
My summer go to is typically one of two types of dresses: a maxi or a shift dress! For this shoot I chose my ever so versatile black strapless maxi from Mad About Style (here) It's so easy to wear, it's comfy and can be transitioned from day to night. I paired it with my new favourite Towne & Reese necklace (here) and my monogrammed 'N' necklace also custom ordered from Mad About Style (here). My nude, low  Sam Edelmen wedges are my summer go-to shoe since spotting them while I was vacationing. They are amazingly comfortable and chic all at the same time! I also can't go anywhere without a large tote since my life weighs 50 pounds I need a massive bag to hold it! That's why I can't go anywhere without my oversized Tory Burch tote, this baby will be with me for life!! 

If you could have it all, your summer splurge would be...a lake house in BC...but let's get real. My summer fashion splurge would be a tote bag from Tory Burch, preferably mint coloured! 

What is your favourite summer drink?
My new favourite drink is a strawberry basil martini! It's light and fresh! I grew some basil in my garden this year just for that drink..It's a MUST try! But my must have to get me through a hot work day is a green tea lemonade from Starbucks. 
What are the essentials in your summer hand/beach bag?
Sunnies for sure...sometimes even a couple of options! You never know where you're heading after the lake and which outfit you'll be sporting. Magazines for research, and my  make-up case that holds lip gloss, perfume and anything to freshen up after a hot day in the sun! Lastly, my IPhone which never leaves my side...I have a problem/ addiction to Instagram! 

How would you describe your style for this season?
I'm going to make up my own style word and say that it's 'effortless chic'. I love easy fabrics and cuts that can be thrown on yet look fabulous! Hence my shift dress addiction. It's even better when i can add a great shoe or jewels to amp it up a bit more! 

The song we will hear you blaring (while singing) in your car with the windows down this summer?
Oh that's such a tough one! I have a few...for sure Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" and anything country. I'm a sucker for country and even more so in the summer! 

Do you love any particular activities come summertime?
I love being on the water, it's the only place that I'm truly relaxed and can forget about my (endless) to-do lists. I am learning to ski and I love tubing! When I'm off the water I love playing a good game of beach volleyball. 
Photos taken by Modern Pixel Photography,
-MAD Team


Who is your current (or timeless) fashion inspiration?
Hands down Kate Bosworth. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous and her natural beauty is unreal but her style is also so on point. Whether she's daring and fashion forward or just her casual everyday self, it's always effortless and well, perfect.

 Your favourite summer go-to outfit:
(Pictured in photographs)
It sounds so plain and boring but jean (anything) and a tee! (There's usually a morning dilemma between shorts or boyfriend jeans) For this shoot I amped it up a little with this printed blouse but my summer looks are definitely very simple. I added my Winnipeg Jets hat because I should ALWAYS wear one, my poor forehead pays the price every summer. Oh, and always a good pair of shades, loving the new PANDA's we have in store this season!

Do you have any summer traditions?
Too many...All my long weekends are booked for the rest of my life since my friends and I have created too many annual traditions! July long in particular you'll see me tubing down Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, I'm the one with the really awesome sunburn.
If you could have it all, your summer splurge would be...booking a trip to Montreal for a long overdue visit with friends and family then hopping on a flight down to LA to visit more family! (and to hit up Disney obviously..)

How would you describe your style for this season?
Off duty I'm very tomboy, baggy tees and boyfriend jeans/shorts. When I'm at work it's a balance between my tomboy self and a touch of girly by pairing my slouchy outfit with heels or my accessories. (Carrying a great bag always adds a touch of sophistication and femininity in my opinion)

What are the essentials in your hand/beach bag?
-IPhone (always)
-SPF 60 (chronic burner over here)
-This AMAZING new studded tote from MAD! 
I'm in love, it will be put to good use this summer...
What are your current fashion cravings for this season?
Ray bans, I think I'm the only one left in existence who doesn't own a pair. A great pair of white skinnies and I'm also on the hunt for the perfect watch! 

What is your favourite summer drink? 
Water at all times! Nothing ever quenches my thirst like water, have been like that my whole life. Besides the obvious, unsweetened iced coffee from Starbucks (religiously) and come the weekend you'll find me indulging in a spicy caesar or a gin and tonic.

Do you love any particular activities come summertime?
Oh gosh how does one narrow it down...patios, beach volleyball, beer darts, road trips, the cabin and pontoon/boat lounging....I think that about covers it.
-MAD Team


How would you describe your style for this season? 
Denim + Anything? I love jeans (skinny, flare, cropped, coloured, anything!) cut off denim shorts, a denim button down, denim on denim anything! i’ve even thought about throwing a pair of overalls on...now that’s a joke. I’d say my style is very relaxed and casual but i love to throw on some great accessories to dress it up!  

What are the essentials in your summer hand/beach bag?
-The IPhone (two words: separation anxiety)
-My co-lab wallet, loving the coral colour for summer!
-My notebook (with a to-do list that never really ends..)
-Some water!
-My Rayban wayfarer's (love a good pair of sunnies and these 
are definitely my fav for summer!) 
-Burt's Bee's lip chap (can't live without it)
-Some mints!
The song we will hear you blaring (while singing) in your car with the windows
 down this summer?  
Okay top 5 because I'm so indecisive! 

1) 'I Want Crazy'-Hunter Hayes
2) 'LA Story'-Sammy Adams
3) 'Little Bit of Everything'-Keith Urban
4) 'Runnin’ Outta Moonlight'-Randy Houser
5) 'Springsteen'-Eric Church

What are your ultimate summer drinks?
Iced caramel macchiato and green tea lemonade from Starbucks, 
as well as sangria..it's a summer essential.

If you could have it all, your summer splurge would be...a pair of Chanel espadrilles- so classic, but the price..not so practical 
Your favourite summer 'go-to' outfit:
(pictured in photographs)
I love a good pair of boyfriend jeans and for summer I'm living in them! 
In this photo shoot I am wearing Mad About Style floral blouse (here), boyfriend jeans (K-Mart), shoes from October, belt from The Gap, Ray Ban sunglasses (Wayfarers) and my new favourite carry-all leather bag from Danier.

What are your current fashion cravings for your summer wardrobe?
White Converse, some fun summer bracelets 
and good jean jacket! 

Do you love any activities/places come summertime? 
Just being at the lake! My friends have gorgeous cabins all over and i've claimed my top bunk so any chance I get I love going out to visit!
Photos taken by the ever so talented Modern Pixel Photography,
-MAD Team


Cabin season has arrived! And before we cruise off to our happy places, let's make sure we have our cozy cottage wear ready for those boat rides and deck parties! When we think of cabin (in terms of clothing) plaid, denim, cotton, stripes are a few fabrics that come to mind. Although these are the most obvious of classics, you can always count on them to deliver simply stylish outfits! 
In this post we bring you a cabin look styled with new arrivals by the MAD Team along with some nature safe products from Tiber River Naturals

When you're at the cabin you always want to be fuss free and comfy which is why we styled our new blue and white striped t-shirt dress (with pockets!) for a simple silhouette and our lightweight denim button up shirt. Both of these are also 100% cotton so you can be sure your skin is breathing and staying cool in those hotter temps! You can easily sport your bathing suit underneath for a quick change and to finish all you need is your favourite summer hat and shades and you're ready to party! 

(denim shirt $59.00, stripe shirt/dress $59.00, fedora $29.00, panda sunglasses $120.00)

Not everyone has a convenient shower when camping or even cottaging and especially those who might find themselves showering in the lake it's important to consider what's IN your shampoos and conditioners that could affect our environment. 
Cue in Tiber who has formulated SAFE hair products that are lake friendly and harm free to nature with fun names to boot!

Ask a staff member to help you pick out the best option for your hair type or you might find one according to your drink order...Vodka on the Locks (yes..it has vodka in it!) or Honey Beer (you got it, beer!) are some of the playful hair sets that will make your mane super soft and shiny while maintaining natural ingredients!  

Tiber's shampoos and conditioners are all 15% off for the month of June so be sure to pack a set for your next cabin retreat!

Happy Styling,
-MAD Team


Today on Breakfast Television Nicola and Courtney pointed out 2 popular trends that are definitely some of our favourites, the high/low hems and the ever versatile denim shirt!
If you missed us this early Friday morning don't worry! You can find the links below to watch online as we chat about these trends:

Whether in a skirt, blouse or dress, you can find the high/low hems practically everywhere! For such a distinct cut, you can really make it your own by determining the type of garment you prefer and then dressing it up or down. Formal or casual, this hemline is definitely an everyday trend you can adapt!  

Watch us in the first segment here!

(LEFT: striped top $49.00, necklace $45.00, wedges $59.00 all available in store, skirt N/A // MIDDLE: navy blouse $59.00, yoga jean red chino $135.00, necklace N/A // RIGHT: Dress *sold out, accessories models own) 
Denim is HUGE this year, and it's apparent in all forms even in a classic button up!
You can find it in a true denim shirt or even a chambray that replicates a denim look without having the heaviness of it. This particular one we styled is a chambray option that is 100% Cotton which is great and light for the summer weather.

See our favourite ways to style and more info on this trend by 
watching our second segment here! 

(LEFT: chambray shirt $59.00, floral trouser $69.00, necklace *sold out, wedges $59.00 // MIDDLE: chambray shirt $59.00, maxi skirt $69.00, cross body $59.00, wedges $59.00 // RIGHT: chambray shirt $59.00, mint jeans $69.00)


Last week we mentioned we spent a day shooting our Summer 13' look book out at Falcon Lake! Along with a perfect sunny day after what felt like weeks of cloud and rain, a perfectly paired team came together to plan Mad About Style's 2013 Summer campaign. Even with no official plan in place, once we arrived we managed to find just the right spots for all of our looks and thoroughly enjoyed the process and laughs along the way! 

Check out our behind the scene shots of what our 12 hour day looked like from start to finish! (Behind the scene photos shot by Jen Boulet)

Creative Director: Nicola Loewen 
Stylist / Creative Direct. Assist. : Jen Boulet
Model: Taylor Morrow 
Photographer: Michael Carriere / Modern Pixel Photography
Photographer Assistant: Janet Morrow
Videographer: Camren Friesen  / Handcraft Creative
Hair Stylist: Doreen Loewen 
Makeup Artist: Kelli Ringler 

Packed to the roof with all our necessities! 
Fabulous arm party of Janet Morrow 
After Taylor's hair was prepped by Doreen, we set off to our trusted makeup artist Kelli at MAC Cosmetics, St.Vital Mall
Organizing a plan of action once we arrived at our destination
Hair and touch-ups being completed once on location

And here we go!

We had to get creative in order to organize our clothing and jewellery at each location
Mike showing Taylor some of her amazing shots! 
We call this one "The Ninja" 
Some in between laughs
Off to find another location! Trying to salvage our balloons...
...But only 3 made it!
Interrupted a few families fishing to quickly capture this next scene...We spontaneously veered off the road after spotting this area and planned this look accordingly. We pictured Taylor releasing the balloons into the wind and disappearing into the sun  
Arriving at our final location to shoot our last looks in time for the sun to set
Again, getting creative with our clothing as there is no rolling rack or change room, this sign doubled as both! 
A mother/daughter moment (Doreen and Nicola)
Mike giving some sass as he catches his photo being taken
This dock, unfortunately broken, was perfect for our vision in this final scene! With this gorgeous ruffled gown, we pictured Taylor moving softly throughout the water soaking the edges of her dress. We had to keep the dock from moving while Taylor stood on it which is why you'll see Nicola pictured with her nifty stick...
Finally some grub after a long day! We all couldn't wait till the city and the only place open after 10 was this amazing burger joint "Popeye's"
We finally rolled back into Winnipeg around midnight completely depleted of all energy but the memories from the day and all the beautiful photos left us awake with excitement. 
We can't wait to see the final product from both our photographer and videographer, it truly was everything we imagined and more! Big thank you to everyone involved! 

-MAD Team