annual holiday buy
Los Angeles
Is it that time already? The festive yet busy season is quickly approaching and the girls at MAD are ready for anything clothing related! 
We have got some AMAZING holiday pieces for all your work or family related parties and gatherings soon to be available in store for you. 
In preparation for this time of year, Nicola jetted off to the warm and wonderful land of LA where she found this years holiday collection to bring to you. Our plan is to host our holiday launch party the evening of Friday November 9th and as soon as we have all the details ironed out we will make sure all of you know! 

In the meantime, here are a sneak peak of the things to come! Nicola found some gorgeous styles of faux fur vests, velvet textures, more sparkle and peplum for this holiday season.


Rihanna for Vogue 

Listening to the behind the scenes with Rihanna on her photo shoot, we hear a lot of meaning behind her words as well. In spite of the mixed views on her relationships, the woman and artist Rihanna has evolved into is very inspiring.
We all have had our personal tribulations, but to see someone take risks and push through the negativity and succeed..is something we can all take with us.
"Be yourself..because there is only one of you."


instagram diaries 

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 new online order packaging
 group shots from the fall campaign 
 floral denim
 excited for all the new fall arrivals 
 styling for our BT topic on leather, studs, peplum and metallics
 models before going live on BT
 watching the video cut of our fall campaign  
 new boots for fall!
 our fun and new Buddha bracelets 
 a whole lot of jewels for the MAD store
team before the madness at our fall launch party
 trouble on the way home from september long weekend
 loving fresh from the market blueberries
 minor setbacks 
 toque weather has arrived! 
 late night cravings and cave-ins
 john fogerty concert at MTS 
staff cupcakes in the back room
 late mornings with coffee
 BT snap shots
jen and nicolas matching bags
 late night bike ride
 trouble in winnipeg
 last moments of fall
 on set for our fall campaign 
 sleepovers with loved ones
 outfit of the day snap shots
 unexpected gifts!
 on set again
 and again
 annnnd again
 okay one more, it was just so beautiful! 
 outfit of the day snap shots
 the bay downtown bathrooms//time warp

 TV call times..too early for words
 outfit snap shots on BT winnipeg
models on set for fall
celebrating 1 year anniversary