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cap toe day 3:

Fall is upon us and finding great boots to keep our feet warm is a must! We love these options for styles, and whether you decide on a subtle look such as black on black or to be bold and feature a stud toe is up to you to personalize!


cap toe day 2:

Many of you have already been rockin this trend since Converse technically is a cap toe! 
 A classic Converse is for sure a good staple, we're here to show you what else is out there for you sneaker folk. 


cap toe day 2:

You can go wrong with the classic elegance of a pump. 
Adding the touch of detail at the toe just brings your look to the next level! 


cap toe day 1:

Okay so we just couldn't wait one more day to show you more! 
The next style shoe we would like to show case is the loafer. We love the casualness and androgynous feel loafers give you! If you're a fan you can style these with just a pair of jeans or tailored trousers for examples. 


cap toe day 1:

Cap toe? You may ask. Well, is just that. It is the toe/tip portion of the shoe that is isolated by either a stitch or other materials. Fall trends feature this style shoe almost everywhere we look! For the most part mirrored caps are the most seen, also studding is very popular! Us girls at MAD are big fans so we thought we would showcase to you the different styles of shoes that can be found with a cap toe for you to get inspiration from! Today being flats:


Second Denim Showroom 
Location: Montreal, QC

If this is the first time you hear the mention of this brand, we are thrilled to introduce you to a line of denim made to flatter and fit the range of woman's curves. Yes, it's true! As a testament, there are no shortage of women who will praise the high level of quality, their fit and the comfort of a Yoga Jean. All the reasons why we love carrying them here at MAD! And with any moment, like this one, when we have the chance to talk about this denim phenomenon, we jump to!

We personally are also very fond of the brand that we wish to be more involved and know all we can about the company. Which is why the first opportunity we had, and a recent voyage to Montreal, gave us the chance to visit the people behind Second Denim's genius creation, the Yoga Jean, as well as tour their showroom! 

 Stephanie and newest to the team, Tyler were introduced as we took in the open spaced showroom decorated with modern touches and of course, styles of Yoga denim lined the walls. Single cut leg samples hung of cord and coated denim in colours that got us feeling excited for fall. We sat in the centre of it all at a large glass table with photos stacked picturing a ballet inspired fashion show they had produced, loving what we saw, it got us thinking...

We loved hearing details of the new pieces to come for S/S 13', details of which we could tell you, but that's a secret we will share when the time is just right! All you need to know is colour, colour, colour! 
Ilhad was able to give us insight into the production of how the pieces are dyed and how colours are chosen. She added that pieces are not produced unless it's perfection! To meet this standard, some/all of production are done in house to ensure high quality.   

Second Denim's journey, their innvoation this company has created and the team behind it, is so impressive to us. From a small Montreal based company to now being available in over 1000 retail locations across the country, you can't help but be inspired! Their success surely being recognized, they find themselves with a high level of orders to fill. To meet the demand they recently purchased a factory in Quebec. 
Although expanding at a rapid pace, they seem to always have one thing on their mind at all times...the client! They love the women they design for and strive to create a jean they'll never want to take off...mission accomplished!

Constantly adjusting to the market with new styles being added every season, they acknowledge the clients needs while always staying true to what they stand for: premium denim at a price point we all can smile in relief to. Best part being the comfort will never be sacrificed! 

We love where the company is headed and we are happy to be along for the ride to make sure we're bringing you the best denim you'll ever wear.

Our Fall Yoga collection will be arriving in the next month or so and we just can not wait for you to try on the new styles! 

-MAD Team


Genius Awards
Alike fashion designers who initiate trends or create garments that inspire us, these young women initiate change and innovation for the better good in ourselves and world. What is more motivating and inspiring than that? Especially when you take in the age and how much they have accomplished. When we came across this article in ELLE mag, we just had to share. Here are 5 women under 30 who hit it home for us:


"Convincing the world that a blond girl with no engineering degree can come up with technology that actually works" has been a challenge, says Meredith Perry. Yet fresh out of the University of Pennsylvania she's invented a transmitter, called UBeam, that can recharge laptops, cell phones, and tablets cordlessly, using ultrasonic waves. At energy hot spots in public spaces, "all you'll have to do is lift your phone in the air and charge it." —Catherine Straut


Ubah Hassan is a runway model and an Oxfam America Sisters on the Planet ambassador, and in February she launched Maji Umbrellas (maji means "water" in Swahili). Each $40 umbrella sold by the nonprofit provides a day's worth of clean water for 20 people in the Horn of Africa, where water shortages grow more desperate each year. "In North America, rain is something we don't want," Hassan says. "We hope with our umbrellas to [teach people to] say, 'It's raining again! Thank you, God, I have rain.'"—Elyse Moody


Alexa von Tobel was a Harvard grad with a prime job on Wall Street, yet she was lost when it came to the basics of her personal finances. "I couldn't understand how a topic that's so critical wasn't being taught in high schools or colleges," she says. So she created what she thought was missing. LearnVest is an online financial planning platform that links all your bank and credit card accounts in one place, and offers money-managing tips, newsletters, courses, certified financial planners for customized support, and five-year financial forecasts, for only a couple hundred dollars. "There's this conundrum that, in order toget a financial plan, you have to have thousands of dollars, but you need a financial plan to properly build your wealth," von Tobel says. "Financial planning shouldn't be a luxury."—Catherine Straut


"At 13 I realized there were better things to be doing than class," says Eden Full. Six years later she made good on that realization, quitting Princeton for a $100,000 Thiel fellowship to invent the SunSaluter, a $10 device that enables solar panels to track the sun's trajectory across the sky, increasing their efficiency by up to 40 percent.—Diana Kapp


"Amazon and Google use algorithms for displaying ads and recommending books for you to read," says the University of Washington assistant professor. "I develop the same types of algorithms, but for denoting the human genome," helping scientists make connections between genes and disease.—Catherine Straut

To read and see more women making a positive change, 
visit elle.com and click here 


snag the look
Good morning! 
Today we'd like to share with you the importance of a fantastic scarf. Specifically a leopard print one. Caroline, of Caroline's Mode, pictured above, wears hers casually perfectly! This print can take you well into the fall, winter and back into spring. A staple no doubt. We just received one in store (pictured) and can't wait to put it to good use! 


 Well friends its Saturday, its gorgeous out, and we've got plenty of happenings in Winnipeg ATM. We got Super Spike, the Fringe Fest. and high temps to make for a great weekend! Have a great one!
-MAD Team 

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 we do it for the gold

Being that we talked about accessorizing on Breakfast Television today we thought it would be fitting to post some inspirations for you to find some new ideas to utilizing your current jewellery or gaining some new perspective to certain items you may want to  look for when shopping in the future! 

wishbone necklaces available at MAD

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