As everyone knows the JETS are kind of a big deal here in Winnipeg. We are so lucky to welcome the NHL back to a city that has missed it immensely. We've had the amazing privilege of getting to know some of the ladies who are apart of the JETS.

We've been meaning to post this great article about the ladies and how there settling in to Winnipeg. We are so grateful for their nice shout out to MAD at the end of the article. It's been so great getting to know these amazing ladies.

Welcome to Winnipeg!!

" There Must Be Something In The Water"

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this incredible coffee table book. On Thursday evening the book came straight from the printer to our shelves!!

We are so incredibly proud of the creator of this book, Barry St Louis. Not only is he a close friend of the ladies here at MAD but he is one talented photographer. It's hard to describe how amazing this piece really is but were going to do our very best. You might have to come by and peak at it in person.

For 6 years Barry has been drumming up this incredible idea to photograph a small part of the amazing natural beauty that is here in Winnipeg. In many conversations with people from BC to Ontario Barry noticed that everyone agreed that Winnipeg just seems to have the most beautiful women. We happen to agree with him. We see so many ladies on a daily basis and everyone is gorgeous in their own way. This book is full of pages upon pages of gorgeous manitoba beauty. We love the concept of the book and we love the cause of the book. With every book purchased $5 is donated to Breast Cancer.

Stop by the store to purchase your may see some familiar faces!



This past Sunday we spent the morning doing a photo shoot for our up coming ad in Weddings in Winnipeg. We are so excited about the finished product but want to keep that a secret until the issue is launched in January.

Here is a little sneak peek at our gorgeous model, clothes and talented photographer.

Thank you ladies, you were amazing!

Photographer: Tracey Falk
Model: Kelly Riediger
Hair: Hair Design by Doreen