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As it being Monday, this outfit + couch sounds about right.
Ocean would be nice too. One can dream.
Also, starting a pursuit for the perfect

 Happy Monday!

Amanda Shadforth for Oracle Fox 
Words To Live By

BT Fridays

The previous Friday we had a ton of laughs pre show and afterwards at Breakfast Television as we were invited to Game For Good at Polo Park Shopping Centre. A 12 hour video game marathon created in raising funds for Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation with local celebs and gamers. After the TGIFashion segment with Meghan (featuring these outfits below) we headed down to the mall to participate! 

Photo 1: Taken with the BT crew after an intense game of Mario Cart N64 style 
Photo 2: Snap shot of outfits before going on set where Nicola talked about mixing prints! 

Sneak Peak! 

Filmed next weeks fashion segment with Breakfast Television today in store!
Tune in next Friday Morning for the scoop!

Young Heart, Run Free 

We just love this editorial by Wildfox featuring a young girl named Violet Hume. 
Reminds us that fashion can be just as fun as a child.

These were some of our favorite snap shots, find the rest of them at:

But Baby, I Want You

The video of our Spring 2012 Colour Your Closet Fashion Show is here!!
We are so impressed with Nice! Productions for putting this AMAZING video together!


Layered Jewels

Come join the party, the arm party.
It's been seen all over fashion venues, blogs and most likely, your girlfriends wrists.
It is so intriguing to look at, and overall unique geared to each' s own individual personality.
Everyone can try this look while staying true to their own personal taste by how bright, muted, simple or bold and chunky your layered look results in!

Here are some helpful cues to complete your work of art:

1) Choose either gold or silver metals to work with and try to balance chunky pieces with smaller thinner pieces.
2) Add some pizzaz by infusing color into your look! You can usually find fun colors in fabric-y bracelets, which will also add texture.
3) Add a watch! Keeping on trend, watches have been around for some time and they are still a great accessory alone, or layered.

Keep your eyes peeled for inspirations online, out on the street and always from your friends!
Have a great weekend!

-Mad Team


We are setting up our prints to officially go steady with the notion in mind that, yes, opposites do attract!
When pairing your prints it is best to follow a few simple guidelines to successfully pull your look together (both men and women):

1) PATTERN: When picking your patterns, be mindful that you want them to contrast, achieved by choosing a graphic print along with feminine ones. Example, bold strips with florals, and in this mens look (below) a bold check shirt with a paisley pocket square.
But size matters, and looks best if your prints sizing varies. In all our examples, like Whitney Port, you will see this being done.

2) COLOR: Next to consider is the color. You want to make sure you choose a particular color family and intensity (neutrals or brights). Bringing the same tones throughout each piece will create cohesiveness to the rather mismatched look:

3) SOLIDS: Include a solid color, whether it be an accessory or a item of clothing. This will break up the wall of print you've created:

Mad Team took to the streets to show you how we would wear this trend from our new arrivals!
Happy styling.

Show Time!

Thank you for all of those who came last night to the 2012 Colour Your Closet Fashion Show in benefit to the Canadian Diabetes Association! And also a big thanks to all our volunteers, models & friends who made it all possible.
If you did not get a chance to make it to the show, video and pictures will also be available on Breakfast Television.

For all those curious of what it was like behind the curtains, here are some snap shots of the set up and back stage commotion!

We arrived at Lacoste's Greenhouse late after noon to beautiful sunny weather! Made unloading all the equipment and clothing much more enjoyable.

Our swag bags (Below) blending in with its environment.

Racks, among racks of clothes with pretty perennial decor.
Ladies from Polished Up Makeup Artistry prepping our models.

Wish I had more to post! We will share the footage that BT got of the show soon to come.
Have a great weekend friends!

3 Days Out

Thanks to our amazing sponsors we are putting together some bags for you all to take away for attending the show!
Bet you can't wait to peek inside.

4 Days Out

Making our lists and checking it twice!
We are days away from the show and these next few days are when it all comes together.
Today we styled our favorite outfits with our models, and made many to do lists.. we are getting extremely excited! but also feeling the pressure. There is still a lot to do and we will be showing you all the happenings behind the scenes till our big debut!

What will be your favorite spring look from Mad About Style?

Trending Tangerine

If you haven't already been blinded by the neons and bright hues of fashion this spring season then let us formally introduce you to one of the MANY intense shades of summer, Tangerine.

As Pantone dubbed this hue thee color of the year, we are so excited to have Tangerine be a part of our wardrobe and in this case, our lips!

After some time you may glance over at your closet and notice an overload of neutrals. What a better way to easily incorporate fun, bright, trending colors into your look by swiping on some lipstick!

If you decide to try this color on for size, we suggest keeping makeup to a minimum (another popular look this season) with barely there mascara and foundation with a light brush of blush. Your lips then becoming the focal point!

If you find orange to be TOO forward for your comfort level, fuchsia and red lips are other great options for this season.

Fashion + Diabetes

Kick off Spring with us next Thursday April 12th with our Colour Your Closet 2012 Spring Fashion Show dedicated to support those living with diabetes. Come visit us at the Boutique to purchase your tickets or at one of the various locations mentioned in the invitation.
Hope to see you all there!