Trending Tangerine

If you haven't already been blinded by the neons and bright hues of fashion this spring season then let us formally introduce you to one of the MANY intense shades of summer, Tangerine.

As Pantone dubbed this hue thee color of the year, we are so excited to have Tangerine be a part of our wardrobe and in this case, our lips!

After some time you may glance over at your closet and notice an overload of neutrals. What a better way to easily incorporate fun, bright, trending colors into your look by swiping on some lipstick!

If you decide to try this color on for size, we suggest keeping makeup to a minimum (another popular look this season) with barely there mascara and foundation with a light brush of blush. Your lips then becoming the focal point!

If you find orange to be TOO forward for your comfort level, fuchsia and red lips are other great options for this season.