We are setting up our prints to officially go steady with the notion in mind that, yes, opposites do attract!
When pairing your prints it is best to follow a few simple guidelines to successfully pull your look together (both men and women):

1) PATTERN: When picking your patterns, be mindful that you want them to contrast, achieved by choosing a graphic print along with feminine ones. Example, bold strips with florals, and in this mens look (below) a bold check shirt with a paisley pocket square.
But size matters, and looks best if your prints sizing varies. In all our examples, like Whitney Port, you will see this being done.

2) COLOR: Next to consider is the color. You want to make sure you choose a particular color family and intensity (neutrals or brights). Bringing the same tones throughout each piece will create cohesiveness to the rather mismatched look:

3) SOLIDS: Include a solid color, whether it be an accessory or a item of clothing. This will break up the wall of print you've created:

Mad Team took to the streets to show you how we would wear this trend from our new arrivals!
Happy styling.