Layered Jewels

Come join the party, the arm party.
It's been seen all over fashion venues, blogs and most likely, your girlfriends wrists.
It is so intriguing to look at, and overall unique geared to each' s own individual personality.
Everyone can try this look while staying true to their own personal taste by how bright, muted, simple or bold and chunky your layered look results in!

Here are some helpful cues to complete your work of art:

1) Choose either gold or silver metals to work with and try to balance chunky pieces with smaller thinner pieces.
2) Add some pizzaz by infusing color into your look! You can usually find fun colors in fabric-y bracelets, which will also add texture.
3) Add a watch! Keeping on trend, watches have been around for some time and they are still a great accessory alone, or layered.

Keep your eyes peeled for inspirations online, out on the street and always from your friends!
Have a great weekend!

-Mad Team