Every girls dream. 3.2 million feet of warehouse space filled with racks among racks of endless clothing and accessories! Nicola has not admitted defeat although faced with hours into days on end of shopping and traveling which seems like a fairy-tale day to most ladies out there, it will prove to be exhausting physically and mentally. Still going strong, we have received news of a very successful buy with tons of great pieces being shipped our way! 
Graphic tees, maxis, prints and colors galore are just some of the items she picked up while in Vegas and LA! 
Take a look below at some sneak previews of a few pieces coming to MAD soon!
Day off at Disney! 
Perfect way to relax and have some laughs taking a much needed break from looking at clothes all day! It was Nicolas first time visiting the park and says it was one of the best experiences to have felt like a kid for a day. Trying rides like the classic tea cups and tower of terror only left her with two words....SOOO FUN!

We will be very busy in the next week as we start to receive product from our buy and get it ready to be put on the sales floor, so stay tuned for the word of brand new items hitting our racks! 

-MAD Team



As the sun sets on the first day of our big buy in LA, Nicola is excited to share with us the things she saw out of the gate but has yet many more shopping days ahead of her!

LOTS of bright colours are still strong for this spring/summer 2013, especially mint and light pink/coral being the strongest hues for the season. Prints again in floral, stripes and some polka dots are back in full trending swing! All together very girly and romantic. 
We love what we are seeing so far!

Stay tuned for more!
-MAD Team


Off we go to LA and lively Las Vegas to shop for your spring/summer wardrobe at 
Mad About Style! We are so excited to see what's in store for us this season with great colour palates and patterns coming our way for trends! 
Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the collection coming in as Nicola reports from down east with pictures and info of the things she's picking up for us!

-MAD Team



Valentines day is just around the bend and whether you celebrate with a loved one or plan a fun night out with a friend, this is a great time to think about the important 
people in your life!
As you start to plan, or maybe surprise someone on this day, we've got some style notes and some pampering to prep for your Valentines Day extravaganza! 

We're pretty sure theres no wrong excuse to visit the spa and what's a better time like the present to refresh with a facial and give those hands and feet some TLC! Take a load off with a friend or loved one and Indulge with Tiber's specials for the month of February: 
Book online here or contact Tiber through Facebook 

 Pick a soft, loose blouse like our magenta silk button up (sale, $64.50), paired with a favourite pair of jeans such as our NEW* high waisted pebble skinny Yoga Jeans ($119.00) to create an effortless look! Accessorize with a great bag (Co-Lab $95.00) and layer assorted jewellery (from $19.00) for a complete get up.
All available in store at Mad About Style
 Stop him dead in his tracks with this alluring lace mini dress ($110.00) paired with your choice pumps! Add a sparkling necklace ($39.00), tote (Co-Lab, $95.00), with a bold coloured jacket and you're all set to go! (sale $74.50) 
 All available in store at Mad About Style

Last but not least, show some 'love' with one of many assorted necklaces from Mad About Style from just $19.00! These would also make a great gift to a friend or for yourself.
And don't forget about those nails! Pair your outfit perfectly with a polished manicure from Tiber with their assorted cute OPI colours!
Necklaces available online or in store

We hope your Valentines day is full of love!
-MAD Team



A retail maven by day and bridal buff by night! Mad About Style doubles as your custom bridesmaids dress shop as we help brides find their bridesmaids dresses at considerably lower price points and in fashionable styles. Today on Breakfast Television we talked about the different styles and colour trends that are happening in weddings we are working with this year! If you missed us this morning find the links below to watch us in action online:

Neutral tones are becoming very popular among bridal parties, especially an eclectic mix of styles and shades together (such as nudes and blushes pictured above)
 Blue/green being a trend colour this year, we find any shade within that family such a gorgeous option for your bridesmaids! Again, we find brides favouring the mix of tones together for a assorted yet complemented look. 

Have a great weekend!
-MAD Team