Every girls dream. 3.2 million feet of warehouse space filled with racks among racks of endless clothing and accessories! Nicola has not admitted defeat although faced with hours into days on end of shopping and traveling which seems like a fairy-tale day to most ladies out there, it will prove to be exhausting physically and mentally. Still going strong, we have received news of a very successful buy with tons of great pieces being shipped our way! 
Graphic tees, maxis, prints and colors galore are just some of the items she picked up while in Vegas and LA! 
Take a look below at some sneak previews of a few pieces coming to MAD soon!
Day off at Disney! 
Perfect way to relax and have some laughs taking a much needed break from looking at clothes all day! It was Nicolas first time visiting the park and says it was one of the best experiences to have felt like a kid for a day. Trying rides like the classic tea cups and tower of terror only left her with two words....SOOO FUN!

We will be very busy in the next week as we start to receive product from our buy and get it ready to be put on the sales floor, so stay tuned for the word of brand new items hitting our racks! 

-MAD Team