Second Denim Showroom 
Location: Montreal, QC

If this is the first time you hear the mention of this brand, we are thrilled to introduce you to a line of denim made to flatter and fit the range of woman's curves. Yes, it's true! As a testament, there are no shortage of women who will praise the high level of quality, their fit and the comfort of a Yoga Jean. All the reasons why we love carrying them here at MAD! And with any moment, like this one, when we have the chance to talk about this denim phenomenon, we jump to!

We personally are also very fond of the brand that we wish to be more involved and know all we can about the company. Which is why the first opportunity we had, and a recent voyage to Montreal, gave us the chance to visit the people behind Second Denim's genius creation, the Yoga Jean, as well as tour their showroom! 

 Stephanie and newest to the team, Tyler were introduced as we took in the open spaced showroom decorated with modern touches and of course, styles of Yoga denim lined the walls. Single cut leg samples hung of cord and coated denim in colours that got us feeling excited for fall. We sat in the centre of it all at a large glass table with photos stacked picturing a ballet inspired fashion show they had produced, loving what we saw, it got us thinking...

We loved hearing details of the new pieces to come for S/S 13', details of which we could tell you, but that's a secret we will share when the time is just right! All you need to know is colour, colour, colour! 
Ilhad was able to give us insight into the production of how the pieces are dyed and how colours are chosen. She added that pieces are not produced unless it's perfection! To meet this standard, some/all of production are done in house to ensure high quality.   

Second Denim's journey, their innvoation this company has created and the team behind it, is so impressive to us. From a small Montreal based company to now being available in over 1000 retail locations across the country, you can't help but be inspired! Their success surely being recognized, they find themselves with a high level of orders to fill. To meet the demand they recently purchased a factory in Quebec. 
Although expanding at a rapid pace, they seem to always have one thing on their mind at all times...the client! They love the women they design for and strive to create a jean they'll never want to take off...mission accomplished!

Constantly adjusting to the market with new styles being added every season, they acknowledge the clients needs while always staying true to what they stand for: premium denim at a price point we all can smile in relief to. Best part being the comfort will never be sacrificed! 

We love where the company is headed and we are happy to be along for the ride to make sure we're bringing you the best denim you'll ever wear.

Our Fall Yoga collection will be arriving in the next month or so and we just can not wait for you to try on the new styles! 

-MAD Team