Cabin season has arrived! And before we cruise off to our happy places, let's make sure we have our cozy cottage wear ready for those boat rides and deck parties! When we think of cabin (in terms of clothing) plaid, denim, cotton, stripes are a few fabrics that come to mind. Although these are the most obvious of classics, you can always count on them to deliver simply stylish outfits! 
In this post we bring you a cabin look styled with new arrivals by the MAD Team along with some nature safe products from Tiber River Naturals

When you're at the cabin you always want to be fuss free and comfy which is why we styled our new blue and white striped t-shirt dress (with pockets!) for a simple silhouette and our lightweight denim button up shirt. Both of these are also 100% cotton so you can be sure your skin is breathing and staying cool in those hotter temps! You can easily sport your bathing suit underneath for a quick change and to finish all you need is your favourite summer hat and shades and you're ready to party! 

(denim shirt $59.00, stripe shirt/dress $59.00, fedora $29.00, panda sunglasses $120.00)

Not everyone has a convenient shower when camping or even cottaging and especially those who might find themselves showering in the lake it's important to consider what's IN your shampoos and conditioners that could affect our environment. 
Cue in Tiber who has formulated SAFE hair products that are lake friendly and harm free to nature with fun names to boot!

Ask a staff member to help you pick out the best option for your hair type or you might find one according to your drink order...Vodka on the Locks (yes..it has vodka in it!) or Honey Beer (you got it, beer!) are some of the playful hair sets that will make your mane super soft and shiny while maintaining natural ingredients!  

Tiber's shampoos and conditioners are all 15% off for the month of June so be sure to pack a set for your next cabin retreat!

Happy Styling,
-MAD Team