Last week we mentioned we spent a day shooting our Summer 13' look book out at Falcon Lake! Along with a perfect sunny day after what felt like weeks of cloud and rain, a perfectly paired team came together to plan Mad About Style's 2013 Summer campaign. Even with no official plan in place, once we arrived we managed to find just the right spots for all of our looks and thoroughly enjoyed the process and laughs along the way! 

Check out our behind the scene shots of what our 12 hour day looked like from start to finish! (Behind the scene photos shot by Jen Boulet)

Creative Director: Nicola Loewen 
Stylist / Creative Direct. Assist. : Jen Boulet
Model: Taylor Morrow 
Photographer: Michael Carriere / Modern Pixel Photography
Photographer Assistant: Janet Morrow
Videographer: Camren Friesen  / Handcraft Creative
Hair Stylist: Doreen Loewen 
Makeup Artist: Kelli Ringler 

Packed to the roof with all our necessities! 
Fabulous arm party of Janet Morrow 
After Taylor's hair was prepped by Doreen, we set off to our trusted makeup artist Kelli at MAC Cosmetics, St.Vital Mall
Organizing a plan of action once we arrived at our destination
Hair and touch-ups being completed once on location

And here we go!

We had to get creative in order to organize our clothing and jewellery at each location
Mike showing Taylor some of her amazing shots! 
We call this one "The Ninja" 
Some in between laughs
Off to find another location! Trying to salvage our balloons...
...But only 3 made it!
Interrupted a few families fishing to quickly capture this next scene...We spontaneously veered off the road after spotting this area and planned this look accordingly. We pictured Taylor releasing the balloons into the wind and disappearing into the sun  
Arriving at our final location to shoot our last looks in time for the sun to set
Again, getting creative with our clothing as there is no rolling rack or change room, this sign doubled as both! 
A mother/daughter moment (Doreen and Nicola)
Mike giving some sass as he catches his photo being taken
This dock, unfortunately broken, was perfect for our vision in this final scene! With this gorgeous ruffled gown, we pictured Taylor moving softly throughout the water soaking the edges of her dress. We had to keep the dock from moving while Taylor stood on it which is why you'll see Nicola pictured with her nifty stick...
Finally some grub after a long day! We all couldn't wait till the city and the only place open after 10 was this amazing burger joint "Popeye's"
We finally rolled back into Winnipeg around midnight completely depleted of all energy but the memories from the day and all the beautiful photos left us awake with excitement. 
We can't wait to see the final product from both our photographer and videographer, it truly was everything we imagined and more! Big thank you to everyone involved! 

-MAD Team