Today on Breakfast Television Nicola and Courtney pointed out 2 popular trends that are definitely some of our favourites, the high/low hems and the ever versatile denim shirt!
If you missed us this early Friday morning don't worry! You can find the links below to watch online as we chat about these trends:

Whether in a skirt, blouse or dress, you can find the high/low hems practically everywhere! For such a distinct cut, you can really make it your own by determining the type of garment you prefer and then dressing it up or down. Formal or casual, this hemline is definitely an everyday trend you can adapt!  

Watch us in the first segment here!

(LEFT: striped top $49.00, necklace $45.00, wedges $59.00 all available in store, skirt N/A // MIDDLE: navy blouse $59.00, yoga jean red chino $135.00, necklace N/A // RIGHT: Dress *sold out, accessories models own) 
Denim is HUGE this year, and it's apparent in all forms even in a classic button up!
You can find it in a true denim shirt or even a chambray that replicates a denim look without having the heaviness of it. This particular one we styled is a chambray option that is 100% Cotton which is great and light for the summer weather.

See our favourite ways to style and more info on this trend by 
watching our second segment here! 

(LEFT: chambray shirt $59.00, floral trouser $69.00, necklace *sold out, wedges $59.00 // MIDDLE: chambray shirt $59.00, maxi skirt $69.00, cross body $59.00, wedges $59.00 // RIGHT: chambray shirt $59.00, mint jeans $69.00)