greetings from LA
We are happy to report that Nicola has had a extremely successful first day out on the buy! Whats most interesting is that when on trips as so, and visiting collection after collection you get to see what really is trending for the season since you start to notice what details every vendor is recreating. There she saw lots of studs, sequins, leather, large knits woven with glitz fibres and collar details (as shown in photo). 
She also saw the trending peplum shapes, 60's era shift dresses and colours deep and rich balanced with pretty neutrals. It's a mix of sweet clashed with hard edge, think floral and metallic or leather and knits. Oh, and lest we forget about the FUR! We have a vest that will be coming and it's so rad it will knock your pretty socks off! We are on day 2 and we can't wait for more updates from Nicola! 

-MAD Team