For all you busy bodies who are pre occupied with studies or hobbies year round, this is about the time of year you may be receiving a square of paper and a pat on the back congratulating you on the sweat and blood shed for your unwavering dedication. With your successes you may find that there is always that one (or more) person(s) who you would like to thank for their time spent helping you achieve your greatness. Teachers both educational and sport related or even workers who want to honour their great mentors and bosses for yet another great year, could be the people you're thinking of. 

If you are imagining the ways of saying thanks, a gift such as the luxe, fragrant line of VOLUSPA candles available at Mad About Style are a great gift idea! 

VOLUSPA focuses on their  great technology and design of their candle including its creamy coconut wax base that is able to burn cleaner and more efficiently than soy wax. They were created by a couple who used their own knowledge in both botany and engineering at home in their kitchen to produce their first candle in 1999. Now, the brand has invaded homes everywhere including hollywood and major retailers or even boutiques like us :) 
There's a wide range of yummy summer fresh smells, sizes, gorgeous packaging and prices to fit your budget, you're surely able to find one that fits they're (or you're) style! 
We will be receiving more in the coming weeks so come smell for yourself! 

-MAD Team