Color Me Curious 

A lot of you have asked us in store what you can wear with your coloured bottoms, following the trends. So we will be breaking down those fearful barriers for those who just do not know where to start or have a difficult time seeing really how far you can take it! 

We think of our coloured bottoms as just like any other regular pair or jeans or trousers in our closet, no special treatment here, and its just a matter of mixing some more complimentary colours or prints, and even basics into the mix. Being aware of the colour trends are helpful too, in terms of knowing which colours you can dare to clash together, such as cobalt blue with orange (we love). Below we have broken it down into the 4 categories on how to wear your fancy pants : 

1)Monochromatic looks (newer to be seen) are popular on the runways which means the same colour head to toe and you can definitely pull this off, even with crisp whites! If the colour is not exact but still the same colour family in a slightly different tone, yes it still works! You will be able to tell standing in front of the mirror if the two tones compliment each other.  

2)Prints are always fun to wear and it will be rare that you find one that can not be matched to a coloured pant. Think nautical stripe (a core staple in your wardrobe) that goes with ANYTHING (and we mean it!) will go with any coloured bottom. Other prints like florals, polka dots or abstract ones are easily paired just as well. 

3)Colour blocking is still around, very popular and more for the daring type. If you're wearing a pastel bottom, wear a pastel top in a different colour and same goes for the deep tones as well. Such as pastel mint and lilac or bright pink and orange.

4) Basics with your coloured bottoms are a no brainer and so simple to put together that sometimes less is more, right? For those days you have not planned an outfit and in a rush, wearing a trending coloured bottom makes you look like you put SOME thought in to your outfit! Your classic neutral/basic top always look sharp and depending on your destination, stack on some bracelets, nice shoes and you're done!