Go Nude

As seasons start to change, the colour green grows fonder citywide, the sun starts to shine a little longer, brighter, hotter. Our spirits lifted each crisp morning, ready for the summer season. 
Or are we?
Invitations spill in, to our friends and family members weddings, birthdays, showers, will it ever stop?! Panic sets in as you think what on earth will you wear to all these dates. It's the season for all the outdoor parties and celebrations we enjoy, and the MAD Team is here to help!

As we know, the trends are to wear bright, attention grabbing colours which are stunning however, it may not be suitable to the event you're attending, maybe you prefer to blend in among the sea of guests then set apart by your bright outfit, or you also may find it to be harder to wear again on different occasions. The solution is to find neutral coloured items. 

The trend we are seeing at all the celeb events is nude shaded dresses and we are suggesting to consider this colour when shopping for your event list! It's also great because it is age appropriate for younger gals as well as mature ladies! 
There are nude fabrics with yellow, grey or peach tones and its just about finding one that best compliments your style and your skin! 

After that, boosting the neutral dress with some jewellery and accessories can be an option which can transform your look from dressy or casual. Colour of accessories, gold or silver jewellery, and shoes are all limitless in terms of options since you're working with a simple palette.