We've had a lot of excitement since our last Instagram post with a ton of celebrations packed into April and continuing on into the month of May that we are so excited to share with all of you! 

To kick off April the MAD Team toasted to Jen's one year anniversary working for Mad About Style with a familiar 'clang' of champagne flutes and many, many tasty treats at Joey's restaurant. 
(You can expect to find us here after we have events or extremely long days of work that without a doubt requires a definite 
de-stressing period, a necessity in our opinion) 

Following, another big party was brewing but this one was kept a surprise till it's unveil a weekend towards the end of April. Ryan, Nicolas husband after weeks of planning, had organized a surprise party for her champagne birthday with all of Nicola's close friends and family. Able to keep it under wraps, she hadn't the slightest clue until suspicion grew when he sat her in the back set of the truck and blind folded her on the way home from dinner...He took her for a drive confusing the usual routes to their home where we all waited for their entrance. Ryan even made sure to carry her up the driveway and into the house to ensure that she really had no idea where she was! 

Needless to say, the party was a huge success and it truly was such a beautiful night filled with love that started with a large romantic gesture followed by some tears of joy that lead to dance offs and lots of laughter.  
May, although not quite over, there were yet some thrilling experiences to share! We finally can also enjoy the outdoors with the beautiful weather here to stay! May undoubtedly has given everyone a boost of energy we all desperately needed now that we can look forward to the summer heat and time spent outside on patios and cabins! 
We had a night planned in May for months in advance...Some of you may not have heard, but Nicola was nominated to win Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the WBOM (Women Business Owners of Manitoba) that came as a huge surprise but honor to Nicola and everyone involved in the Mad About Style Boutique! WBOM created an extravagant gala event at the Winnipeg Convention Centre where we got decked out in fancy gowns and indulged in a limo service. And although she did not win, we still applaud Nicola for her hard work and for her incredible determination to create what Mad About Style is today! We celebrated into the night continuing on to 529's lounge where we shared good conversation and more champagne...a flawless evening to congratulate this deserving woman! 

We are so looking forward to the summertime not only for the weather but for projects in the works and more nights to celebrate to come! We hope everyone is enjoying their Spring and stay tuned for more fun posts! xx
-MAD Team