One of our very own lakes has been nominated and declared Threatened Lake of the Year for 2013? It's true, Lake Winnipeg which was once known as one of the ten largest fresh water lakes in the World is now considered the World's most threatened lake with it's rapid increase in toxic materials! This is grave news to us Manitoban's who have enjoyed our summers along side one of our famous beaches
Lending a hand to the Lake Winnipeg crisis is Tiber River Naturals, who will be donating one dollar with every hand soap sold to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation. Tiber River has dedicated their resources to develop products with natural ingredients that help keep your body and the environment safe and these foaming hand soaps are just one of the many environmentally friendly products they offer! 
Help Tiber raise money for this devastating disaster by popping into one of their two locations and picking up one or three of their deliciously scented soaps!  

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and visit the Lake Winnipeg Foundation directly on their site here
-MAD Team