dresses and trousers and skirts; oh my!

Owner, Nicola Loewen, prepping the finishing touches and turning the sign, for the very first time, to open

The racks are lined, the jeans are hung and we are about to open our doors! Even before the clock struck 10 o'clock, excited ladies rushed the door for the first pick of the latest fashions and styles.

The infamous yoga jean! Made in Montreal by Second Skin, this jean is made to fit and move with your body - so much so that, yes, people actually practice yoga in this jean. For more details and images check out our facebook page.

As the day progressed, the racks became thinner and more sparse. Lineups for both the fitting rooms and the till proved Mad About Style's popularity and success.

Here's to Mad About Style - but more importantly, here's to you. Thank you for stopping by our store and being a part of this day. Be sure to check back often, new styles will be arriving soon! Additionally, some of your favourites will be returning to the shelves; so be sure to check our our facebook page for more details. Click here for all the details.